Angell Foster

Creator/Producer; JOS, INC
Oakland, CA

Angell is a multi-hyphenate, with a passion for stories that center BIPOC womxn, no matter the medium. Angell is someone who loves un/learning about all the things but is recovering from a self-help book addiction currently.

Walking is her preferred method of transportation. She is a fungi enthusiast and new to the world of foraging for food. She is a lover of community and the planet.

Angell holds a Bachelor of Science in Art from Fisk University and the student loans to prove it.

Anna Rooney

Chief of Staff; JOS, INC and The Underbelly
Burlington, NC

Anna is a Libra Sun, Cancer Moon, Libra Rising, enneagram 2 with a 4 life path. She shares a house with a cat named Olive on the native land of the Shakori, Saponi, Occaneechi, and Eno peoples. She studied Music Education at St. Cloud State University, Performing Arts Management at The University of North Carolina School of the Arts, and has an MA in New Media and Global Education from Appalachian State University. She met Jessamyn when they were graduate school cohorts in 2010. After a decade as a non-profit founder, theatre producer, executive assistant, and recruiter, she joined the UB team in May 2020. The foundation of her wellness practice is 8+ hours of sleep every night, and yoga and cannabis have supported her journey through endometriosis, anxiety, and celiac disease. She loves the first bite of a delicious meal, wearing overalls, pigeon pose, deep bathtubs, beach camping, and the feeling after a good poo.

ashe d. phoenix

Executive Producer; Dear Jessamyn
Producer; JOS, INC and The Underbelly
El Sobrante, CA

With a workday evenly split between hollering about justice and silently playing with audio/editing digital content, and this balance makes both ashe’s loud Aries sun and her meticulous Virgo rising happy. 

She is a southern white and cares a great deal for motorcycle riding (’83 Suzuki GR-650) and learning about astrology (Aries sun, Gemini moon, Virgo rising). She studied The Psychology of White Supremacy in undergrad and secretly knew she would end up applying it to anything other than a psych career. 

Lakes > swimming pools, seconds > dessert, bluegrass > country, glasses > contacts. Ashe is the only person in her house who likes homemade pizza, but luckily, any version of gourmet mac and cheese is a widely shared love.

Kylee Roberts

Media Coordinator & Producer; JOS, INC and The Underbelly
Brooklyn, NY

Kylee is a multimedia producer and creative who gives voices to those without a platform. As a native New Yorker and Pisces cry-baby, she has watched the artist landscape change, and is excited to further engage with and produce more radical forms of expression.

She has previously developed and executed communications content for all digital platforms for the Lower Eastside Girls Club, and produced the Queer comedy web-series Big Egg. Outside of ‘work’ you can find her blasting 90s R&B while laughing with friends in Brooklyn and making a charcuterie board or mezcal cocktail.

Montez Mickles

Director of Production; JOS, INC and The Underbelly
Oakland, CA

Montez, a fiery Sagittarius (Gemini Moon, Libra Rising) hailing from Nashville, TN has a love for music, technology, the Stars, and the Moon. He enjoys skateboarding, video games, and is a cannabis connoisseur (Sativa-Dominant-Hybrid for him, please). A realistic optimist, Montez is a dedicated problem solver who knows how to get whatever the job is done. He has a B.B.A in Supply Chain from Tennessee State University, almost 10 years of experience working in the restaurant biz, and a background in planning and executing productions.

Nya Williams

Producer; JOS, INC
Plano, TX

Nya is a multi-faceted, music obsessed creative with a desire to remain studious throughout life and share the knowledge that’s been shared with her. She’s based out of Plano, TX, but has dreams to one day move and live in a gorgeous manor with flourishing gardens; similar to a woman that inspires her deeply, Paula Sutton.

Nya’s a writer, producer, and content creator. Currently she’s obsessed with loose jeans, a pop-disco duo named “Ekkah”, and reading the bible (some of the situations in bible stories remind her of messy reality tv lol, she loves it).

She lives for cold weather and a stylish coat, rewatching the Shrek series, and singing with her mom. To conclude, Nya’s extremely fascinated by life, its journey, and the moment that is now.

Sami Housman

Jessamyn’s Manager, Melrose Placed 
Los Angeles, CA

Sami is an 6ft tall, Aries sun and native New Yorker turned Cali convert. Sami Housman is a manager, producer, and consultant driven to use media as a means for positive social impact. She founded Melrose Placed in 2017 to create space for authentic people and stories to push beyond perceived boundaries and to encourage unique and unexpected voices to seize opportunities. By placing characters and content first, their projects explore unexpected perspectives and universal truths with openness and curiosity — shattering assumptions in the process. She is a producer of the award winning docuseries Deaf U on Netflix and producer on the Oscar contender Audible. She has ongoing projects in development with Universal, Netflix, Spectrum and other partners.

With over a decade in the entertainment industry, Sami began her career as an agent trainee and assistant at United Talent Agency, then as a talent agent at CESD Talent Agency. She was recognized in 2016 as an impactful industry figure in Variety’s Power of Youth for her work with top emerging talent. She received a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Radio, Television, and Film and Gender Studies.

She is a certified yoga teacher and Underbelly devotee and never without one hand in a bag of potato chips (Boulder Canyon Kettle Chips with Avocado Oil for the win!).

Shi’Anna Whitman

Video Editor/Producer
Los Angeles, CA

Shi’Anna Whitman was born in Bryan, Ohio where from a young age she started a business raising her own goat herd to stay busy. She soon became heavily involved in the American Dairy Goat Association Professional Show circuit where she would breed, trade and sell her goats to top showmen to increase her bloodline and turn a profit. She used her earnings to help fund her college education where she recently graduated from Calvin University with a BA in film production and a business marketing minor. Since graduating, Shi’Anna continues to use her enterprising nature that she learned from her pioneer days to excel at starting up and carrying out new projects – particularly in media as a videographer and editor. In her free time she enjoys making music with her midi keyboard, oil painting, and singing – most recently to the In the Heights soundtrack. Celine Dion will always be her number one though.

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