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Press Mentions


January 2018

Indy Week, Kiara Ruth, “Yoga Star Jessamyn Stanley Discusses Body Positivity Through the Lens of Eunice Johnson's Ebony Fashion Fair at NCMA”

Refinery29, Rebecca Farley, “Stitcher's New Podcast Is Meant To Feel Like A ‘Good Old-Fashioned Bra Burning’”

Rewire News, Cynthia Greenlee, “Fat, Black, and Flexible: Yoga Star Jessamyn Stanley Says ‘Confidence Is a Fickle Bitch’”

Scripps, Kari Wethington, “Stitcher Continues Rapid Growth with Content from Katie Couric, Jessamyn Stanley and More”

WRAL.com, Hannah Webster, “Durham yogi, international body positivity leader challenges people to 'look within themselves'”


February 2018

Books for Better Living, Kafi Drexel, “Jessamyn Stanley’s Every Body Yoga Should Be Required Reading For All Of Us”

Bull Voyage: Great Travels in Durham, NC, Shayla Martin, “Durham’s Yogini - Jessamyn Stanley”

Forbes, Amber and Tiffany Davis, “Insta-Yogi Jessamyn Stanley On Finding Balance on Her Own Terms”

Her Campus, Catherine Perry, “Body Love Inspiration: Jessamyn Stanley”

POPSUGAR, Tembe Denton-Hurst, “Jessamyn Stanley on Yoga Practice, Body Positivity, and Not Being Afraid to Take Up Space”

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: Women’s Resource Center, Shenandoah LaRock, “Body Positivism and Jessamyn Stanley”


March 2018

BonAppetit, Victoria Bouloubasis, “Jessamyn Stanley Starts Her Morning With Yoga and Kendrick Lamar”

Books for Better Living, Eva Tingley & Kathy Deitch, “Plus-Size Yoga Guru Jessamyn Stanley is Shattering All Stereotypes”

Brit + Co, Amanda Scriver, “This Plus-Size Badass Is Demonstrating That You Can Do Yoga at Any Size”

The Lily, “Is your boutique fitness class too young, too thin and too white?”

Miss Magpie Fashion Spy, Niki Groom, “Everyone Needs - Boyfriend Jeans”

The Penny Hoarder, Nicole Dow, “Bent Out of Shape Over the Cost of Practicing Yoga? Here’s How to Save”

Present Company, Kayla Thomas, “Top 8 Women Making Strides For Women’s Health”

Prince George Citizen, Lavanya Ramanathan, “Is your spin class too young, too thin and too white?”

Refinery29, Cory Stieg, “7 Women In Fitness Tell Us Who's Inspiring Them During Workouts”

Refinery29, Laurise McMillian, “The Wellness Icon: Jessamyn Stanley”

Refinery29, R29 Unbothered, “Refinery29 Celebrates 20 Black Women You Need To Know Right Now”

Refinery29, Refinery29 Editors, “This International Women's Day, Build A New Rolodex”

XO NeCole, Joce Blake, “10 Unapologetic Ladies You Need to Follow on Instagram Now”

The Void, “Unapologetically Jessamyn Stanley: A Q&A with Yoga’s Game Changer”

Yahoo! Lifestyle, R29 Unbothered, “Refinery29 Celebrates 20 Black Women You Need To Know Right Now”


April 2018

Bold Business, Dawna Stone and Imee Malabonga, “These 7 Women Are Leading the Body Positivity Movement”

Emmz Guide to Life, Jana Kornberg, “Stretch Beyond Your Comfort Zone”

Psychology Today, Jessica Alleva, “How to Get Physically Active and Build Body Positivity”

The Princetonian, Anonymous, “Body positivity talk with yoga teacher Jessamyn Stanley”

Stylist, Lauren Clark, “Body positivity advocate Jessamyn Stanley on how to ace yoga, whatever your size”

Well + Good, Well + Good Editors, “Yoga Activist Jessamyn Stanley is on a Roll—and Everyone’s Invited to Come Along on the Journey”


May 2018

Aspiring Co., Danae Edmonds, “It Girl: Jessamyn Stanley”

Fatvenure Magazine, Samantha Puc, “Fatventure Mag Sneak Peek: Chatting with Jessamyn Stanley”

Mic, Rachel Lubitz, “Jessamyn Stanley reflects on being labeled body positive and fighting against tokenization”

Phenom Magazine, Nadine White, “Yogi Phenom Jessamyn Stanley

WRVO Public Media, Take Care Staff, “Accepting yourself: Aging and body image”

WRVO Public Media, Take Care Staff, “Yoga teacher and advocate: This has nothing to do with leggings or destination retreats”

Yoga Journal, “Live Be Yoga: How Jessamyn Stanley's Inner Awakening Inspired a Long-Overdue Dialogue in the Yoga Space”


June 2018

Chortle, “Deborah Frances-White pens Guilty Feminist book”

Collective, Sara Kloepfer, “7 LGBTQ+ body positive activists you need to follow”

Media Planet: Modern Wellness Guide, Kristen Castillo, “Jessamyn Stanley Works to Promote Body Positivity Through Yoga”

Marie Claire, Rachel Epstein, “These Are the Best Yoga Mats for Comfort and Zero Slips, According to 8 Yogis”

Very Well Mind, Mallory Creveling, “50 Body Positive Influencers You Should Follow”

WARC, “Influencers work out for U by Kotex Fitness”

July 2018

Bravo, Kelly Kolias, “Yoga Guru Jessamyn Shares How the Craft Became a Body Positive Experience for Her”

Glamour, Laura Norkin, “Confessions of a Chronic Wellness Voyeur”

Metro, Sam Brodsky, “Starting yoga and don't want to break the bank? Try these free online yoga programs”

Stuff, Roqayah Chamseddine, “When fat people dare to exercise in public”

Variety, Todd Spangler, “NBCU Relaunches Craftsy Network as Bluprint, a How-To Subscription-Video Service”

Yahoo! Lifestyle, Paulana Lamonier, “Fat and fit: These women are redefining what fitness looks like”



Bustle, Jada Gomez, “The Ultimate Rule-Breaker Anthems From The Class Of 2018 — PLAYLIST”

Bustle, Melanie Mignucci, “Jessamyn Stanley Takes Back Yoga For Every Single Body”

The Daily Dot, Samantha Grasso, “Jessamyn Stanley is fighting for radical visibility and yoga for every body”

The New York Times, Kasia Pilat, “Have a Question About Fitness? The Times Has the Answer.”

The News & Observer, Camila Molina, “Jessamyn Stanley, a body-positive Durham yogi, is ready to take your questions”

Well + Good, Tehrene Firman, “*This* Yoga Pose is As Energizing As a Shot of Espresso—and Jessamyn Stanley Swears by It”



ABCNews, Katie Kindelan, Olivia Smith, Brittany Berkowitz, and Rachel Scott, “My Morning Routine: Jessamyn Stanley breaks yoga stereotypes before breakfast”

Bustle, Mika Doyle, “11 Health Conditions Doing Yoga Can Help With, According To Science”

The Chronicle, Alexandra Yetter, “Fitness gurus shift conversation about being plus size”

Health, Samantha Lauriello, “Jessamyn Stanley Just Posted the Most Candid Photo Revealing Her Scars From Chafing”



Cision PR Newswire, “Quaker Teams Up With Thrive Global For Their First-Ever Boomer Wellness Festival”

Forbes, Dominique Fluker, “How This Millennial Brings Body Positivity To Her Yoga Practice”

January 2017

Chelsea Loves Yoga, “Yogi in the Community: Jessamyn Stanley”

Hiut Denim Co, "100+ Makers and Mavericks— 2017."

Refinery29, Candace Bryan, “This Ad Is Being Praised For Actually Portraying Diverse Plus Bodies”


February 2017

Forbes, Vivian Nunez, “4 Ways To Change How You Look At Your Pain And Its Impact On Your Success”


March 2017

MindBodyGreen, Lauren Lipton, “Why I Do Yoga: 8 Yogis Share How Their Practice Changed Their Lives”


April 2017

Book Riot, Kelly Jensen, “‘My Love of Reading is Truly the Love of My Life’: Jessamyn Stanley on Every Body Yoga, Books, and More”

Chatelaine, Diana Duong, “Meet the body-positive instructor who has no time for Mean Girls yoga”

Durham Magazine, Amanda MacLaren, “5 Questions with Durham Yogi Jessamyn Stanley”

People, Julie Mazziotta, “Jessamyn Stanley Found Body Acceptance Through Yoga and Can Help You Do the Same”

CNN, Allison Brennan, “How Jessamyn Stanley fights being 'deeply afraid of' her body”

The Grio, “Yoga Boss Jessamyn Stanley: ‘You can’t look for your love in the feedback of strangers’”

MindBodyGreen, Leigh Weingus, “How This Yoga Superstar Overcame Anxiety & Depression”

The Seattle Globalist, Reagan Jackson, “Jessamyn Stanley on being fat, black and a yoga instructor”

Tonic, Susan Rinkunas, “A Yoga Sensation on Fitness, Fatness, and Trump”

Refinery29, Cory Stieg, “How Jessamyn Stanley Takes A Workout Selfie”

Washington Post, Megan McDonough “Don’t think you have a ‘yoga body’? This Instagram star has a message for you.”

Wear Your Voice Magazine, Beth Winegarner, “4 Reasons Jessamyn Stanley’s Yoga Book Will Make You Fall in Love with Yoga (Again)”

Well + Good, Rachel Lapidos, “Why Jessamyn Stanley Thinks Everyone Should Try Yoga at Home”

WHYY, “On ‘Radio Times’: Jessamyn Stanley wants more representation in the yoga community” (corresponding radio interview)

May 2017

Deseret News, Michelle Garrett Bulsiewicz, “Nonstereotypical yoga instructor embraces all types in 'Every Body Yoga'”

Girltalk HQ, “Feminist Friday: Jessamyn Stanley’s ‘Every Body Yoga’ & ESPNW Celebrates Women In Sports”

Health.com, “Jessamyn Stanley's 8-Minute Yoga Flow Is All About Practicing Self-Love” (corresponding video)

Houston Chronicle, Joy Sewing, “Jessamyn Stanley is everybody's yogi”

Nadia Murdock Fit, "Fitness Files: Jessamyn Stanley”

POPSUGAR, Dominique Michelle Astorino, “Venus Williams and 7 Other Women Share What It Means to Be Strong”

SF Yoga Mag, Dana L. Lee, “‘Every Body Yoga,’ An Interview With Jessamyn Stanley”

WBEZ Chicago, Greta Johnsen & Tricia Bobeda, “Breaking Yoga Stereotypes With Jessamyn Stanley”

YogiApproved.com, YogiApproved, “Jessamyn Stanley Gets Real About Body Positivity, Yoga Fame and So Much More (Video Interview)” (corresponding video)


June 2017

Allure, Macaela Mackenzie, “Body-Positive Yogi Jessamyn Stanley Wants the Wellness Industry to Embrace Fat”

Brit + Co, Nicole Villeneuve, “Meet Jessamyn Stanley: The Plus-Size Yoga Star Giving New Meaning to Body Positivity”

Essence, Lihle Z. Mtshali, “Yogi Jessamyn Stanley Is Stretching the Way We See Curvy Girls”

Fast Company, Rina Raphael, "How This 'Fat Femme' Yoga Instructor Is Reshaping The $3 Trillion Wellness Industry"

Mental Floss, Abbey Stone, “Jessamyn Stanley’s 8 Commandments for Cultivating a Yoga Practice (at Any Size)”

Naturally Moi, Susan Johnes, “Jessamyn Stanley Is Providing Space For Women Of Color Who Are ‘Fat.’”

The New York Times, Maya Salam, “Why ‘Radical Body Love’ Is Thriving on Instagram”

The Year of the Phoenix, “That Time I Got to Interview Jessamyn Stanley” (corresponding podcast)


July 2017

MindBodyGreen, Gretchen Lidicker, “6 Things You Need To Know Today (July 10, 2017)”

The News & Observer, Dawn Baumgartner Vaughan, “‘Fat femme’ yoga instructor Jessamyn Stanley on her life outside social media”

Refinery29, Cory Stieg, “How To Do A Handstand When You're Terrified Of Going Upside-Down”

Refinery29, Lily Silverton, “The Myth Of The ‘Yoga Body’”

August 2017

The Bronze Magazine, Tiffany Chisholm, “Jessamyn Stanley: The Girl Who Dares To Defy: Overcoming Body Stereotypes and Defying Athletic Expectations”

The Carousel, “The Plus Size Yoga Guru On Why Yoga Is For Every Body”

Cosmopolitan, Andrea Stanley, “Get Your Mind and Body Right With Jessamyn Stanley's Favorite Yoga Poses”


September 2017

Ad Age, Ann Marie Kerwin, “The ‘Angry Black Woman’ Makes Real Women Angry”

Health.com, Rozalynn S. Frazier, “Why Jessamyn Stanley Is Obsessed With Demi Lovato’s Fabletics Collection”

Elite Daily, Annakeara Stinson, “Working Out On Your Period Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Body, According To Jessamyn Stanley”

Naturally Moi, Kathrina Tiangco, “Black Fitness Pros who can Keep you Inspired”

Yoga Journal, Carola Lovering, “The Future of Yoga: 15 Millennial Yoga Teachers to Watch”


October 2017

Elite Daily,  Annakeara Stinson, “Photo Of Jessamyn Stanley Doing Yoga Topless Radiates Body Positive Vibes”

Refinery29, Kasandra Brabaw, “Jessamyn Stanley's Topless Yoga Photo Will Help You Get Over Saggy Breast Shame”

Thrive Global, Thrive Global Staff, “Why Jessamyn Stanley Is the New Face of Yoga”

The Well Summit, Nicolle Mackinnon, “Inside the W.E.L.L. Summit: Meet Yogi Jessamyn Stanley”


November 2017

The Curvy Fashionista, Alysse Dalessandro, “Jessamyn Stanley Shows Us, Yoga is for Every Body”

POPSUGAR, Gina Florio, “Yoga Phenom Jessamyn Stanley Recommends These Poses When You're on Your Period”

USA Today, Susannah Hutchenson, “How I became a yogi: Jessamyn Stanley”


December 2017

The Beehive, Sharona Attia, “Jessamyn Stanley, Self-Described "Fat Femme" Yogi, Talks Confidence and Identity”


January 2015

People, Stephanie Emma Pfeffer, “How a Self-Proclaimed ‘Fat Femme’ Became a Yoga Star on Instagram


March 2015

Body Positive Yoga, “Jessamyn Stanley Talks About Life, Yoga as Therapy, and Internet Love and Hate” (corresponding video)

Wear Your Voice Magazine, Rachel Otis, “13 Body Positive Yogis Pose Their Voices


April 2015

Clarion Content, Cady Childs, “Yoga Needs to Respect All Shapes and Sizes: Jessamyn Stanley”

Pacific Standard, Kira Goldenberg, “Digital Culture: Celebrating All Shapes and Sizes with the Yogis of Instagram”


May 2015

The Cut, Susan Rinkunas, “A Prominent Yogi on Fat Yoga, Instagram, and Changing Stereotypes”


June 2015

Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss, Erika Nicole Kendall, “Curvy Yoga: Incredible Instructor Has Valuable Lesson to Share”


Podasts and Audio Interviews

April 2018

Freaking the F*ck Out Podcast, “Ep 3-Body Image”

May 2018

The Free Pizza Podcast, “050: Jessamyn Stanley”

September 2016

Bitch Media, "Popaganda: Body-Positive Exercise"

December 2015

Finding Our Hunger, "UNpodcast 132: UNauthentic (Jessamyn Stanley)"

Video Features