I was tagged to #stopdropandyoga by my love @biggalyoga & this #vasisthasana #treepose variation is where it’s at.

Actually. ..I need to shout out to @biggalyoga. Legit,
her tumblr photos inspired my desire to document my own #yoga journey. Particularly, a photo of her saluting a lake cliffside in #mermaidpose sent chills up my spine. Above all else, the best part of the #instayoga family is drawing encouragement and support from people you respect and admire. Making connections with your original inspiration touchstones is the icing on top.

Hello to my followers, both old and new. I wish there was a way for me to really say how much I appreciate and am motivated by every single one of you. You are all with me during every asana, just as I am with you. My heart truly overflows with love and gratitude.

Alright, time for @maybachmilli @dididole & @awakenmindfully to #strikeapose- no need to pour your heart out, too. I’m just long-winded, ya dig?