One of my lovely readers asked an awesome question: How can non-curvy yoga teachers attract more curvy students in a positive way?

This is kind of a sticky topic for me, probably because I hate demographic based marketing in general- black-focused marketing, women-focused marketing, you get the point. However, maybe it’s my desire for a size-blind yoga nation, but I really want to know what YOU GUYS think about this issue.

If you’re a curvy sister or brother, what would make you more inclined to check out a local yoga class taught by a non-curvy yoga instructor? More size-diverse classrooms? Classes specifically geared toward curvy bodies? Yoga should be accessible to EVERYONE- regardless of size, color, shape, handicap, etc.

Personally, I think it could be awesome to attend a yoga class with only students size 12+. Even if it’s a monthly specialty class taught by a non-curvy instructor, it would probably be an awesome intro class for a student who was hesitant to try yoga because they feared size discrimination from other students. After experiencing an awesome teaching style without the anticipated anxiety of size discrimination, it seems logical that a curvy student might be more likely to check out more of the non-curvy instructor’s classes. 

Reply  here, or hit my ‘ask me anything’ link, but:

What would make yoga classes more accessible to curvy students?