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Jessamyn Explains It All

Join internationally recognized yoga teacher, body positivity advocate, and author of “Every Body Yoga” Jessamyn Stanley as your guide to what a 21st century modern yoga practice really looks like -- beyond yoga mats, coconut water, and destination retreats. Through open conversations and listener questions, get ready to learn the realities of living the “yoga lifestyle.”


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Season One of Jessamyn Explains it All

Episode 8

How To Start Practicing Yoga -- For Real

For the season finale, Jessamyn dedicates the entire episode to answering your burning questions about practicing yoga. Whether you're a beginner or a lifelong yogi, Jessamyn has some advice and wisdom for you.

Episode 7

Queer Identity in The American South + Yoga and Politics in Trump's America

Jessamyn talks with her friend Kris Julio, a Visiting Professor in the Stage Properties department at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, about their experiences of identifying as queer in the South, and how yoga helps with managing their feelings toward the current political process in America.

Episode 6

Body Politics in the Age of "Body Positivity"

Since Jessamyn teaches a body positive approach to yoga, she's often associated with the body positivity movement. But she has some conflicts about it as it's grown from grassroots to mainstream. Jessamyn talks with body positivity activist and burlesque artist Jes Baker about the current state of the movement.

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Episode 5

Navigating White-Centric Spaces as a Person of Color

Jessamyn discusses the micro-aggressions and challenges that Black people (and many people of color) face while working in predominantly white work spaces with Ericka Hart, an activist, sexuality educator, yoga practitioner, and co-host of the podcast "Hoodrat to Headwrap." Plus, they offer advice to aspiring yogis on respecting the cultural context of ancient yoga, and confronting appropriation in modern yoga classes.

Episode 4

Femme Identity in the American South

Being authentic and genuine is a core tenet of Jessamyn's personal yoga practice. For Jessamyn and her friend Gemynii -- a Durham-based visual and performance artist, poet, and DJ -- that means expressing their queer femme identities. On this episode, they talk about how their gender identity affects their lives while living in the South.

Episode 3

Love and Relationships in the Digital Age

Love and relationships play an important role in the modern yoga experience, especially when it comes to balance and trying to understand yourself. Jessamyn explores those tenets with her old college friend Kris Ostrowka. They also answer a listener's question about her curiosity with exploring new facts of her sexuality.

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Episode 2

Balancing Religion With Yoga

Episode 1

Cultural Appropriation in the Modern Yoga World

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