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honestly there is a difference between fat and curvy. im happy you love your body but you are much more than just curvy. someone like kate upton is curvy, someone like you is fat


Um, thanks for the clarification. And clearly, someone like you is a giant asshole who should probably be banned from the internet. And in the spirit of full clarification, making unnecessarily bitchy anonymous comments is literally one of the most spineless acts. Maybe we should nickname you “he/she who uses hateful language to make themselves feel better in their everyday life”. Hey, I guess it’s better than being called fat.

I’m so excited about the #sizedoesntmatter challenge but I noticed that many of you have concerns about whether the challenge will be beginner friendly. I wrote a little response on my blog (link is in my IG header) but I want to share a little about my own ‘beginner’ qualms.

For starters, I have a lot of trouble w/ arm balances. Early in my home practice I bore too much weight into my wrists in certain poses which have resulted in very weak and tender wrist joints. When I saw that my co-host @yoga_davina planned some #crowpose prep for one of her weeks, I uttered an audible “Oh Shit”- #bakasana is a pose that kind of scares the bejeezus out of me & my poor little wrists.

But then I thought “You know what? Hell yeah! Now I have the opportunity to practice a pose that (quite literally) feels out my grasp.” I plan to go slowly, take my time & be super conscious of my wrists. But I, like many of you, am a novice when it comes to this pose. And you know what? That’s perfectly fine. Because the point of the challenge is not to be “picture perfect”. It’s just to have fun, learn from each other and especially learn from your DAMN self. If you want to read more of my rambles about this topic, click the link to my blog (jessamynstanley.com). If you want details on how to participate in the #sizedoesntmatter #yoga challenge, check out my instagram pic from yesterday!

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ANSWER: I remember when I initially began practicing yoga, I just assumed there were certain types of poses I would never be able to do. This list included deep backbends, inversions, and various other poses that are now standard parts of my daily practice. One thing that helped me rethink my perspective was by actually attempting the poses I found to be challenging, instead of obsessing over my inexperience and lack of practice. Instagram yoga challenges helped me make that shift. I quickly realized that by actually attempting the poses I found to be scary and intimidating, I was actually able to make progress toward full expressions of the poses. This kind of personal journey with a pose is an enormous act of self-love- you’re actually giving yourself a chance to succeed at something that scares you. It totally calls back to that childhood fear/excitement of learning to swim or ride a bike. It’s exhilarating to feel the adrenaline rush of trying something new, and it’s even more exciting when you’re able to track your progress and feel your body strengthen over time.

THIS is my goal with the #SizeDoesntMatter Challenge. I want you guys to feel the excitement that comes from realizing that you’re actually much stronger than you ever imagined. Some of that excitement comes from being pushed out of your comfort zone. You should, of course, be very gentle with your body- ESPECIALLY if you’ve just started practicing. But don’t sell yourself short before you’ve given your body the chance to exceed your expectations. You might not be able to bend/stretch your body as far as you “think” you should- please, don’t let this attitude be your guide. Find contentment with whatever expression makes your body feel good- this is the most important task.

I can’t wait to see y’all pose! For information on how to participate in the September #SizeDoesntMatter Instagram Yoga Challenge, Click Here.

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I’m so proud/excited to be co-hosting my first instagram yoga challenge w/ my friend @yoga_davina na- Size Doesn’t Matter! I can’t count the number of people who tell me that they think/thought their bodies were too fat/tall/oddly shaped to do #yoga- here’s your opportunity to kick that attitude to the curb! I’m excited to highlight some of my favorite poses throughout the coming weeks w/ a particular emphasis on working toward stronger #backbends and #hipopeners. I’m also really looking forward to stepping out of my comfort zone with some of @yoga_davina’s favorite poses, especially her #inversion choices.

To participate:
1. Follow me, @yoga_davina & our lovely sponsors (@yogiblissbox, @buddha_pants, & @invertyoselfclothing) on instagram.

2. Post a pic of yourself in the pose of the day- check @yoga_davina & I for daily pose updates. Tag us & hashtag #sizedoesntmatter.

3. At the end of the month we’ll select a few of you to receive goodies from our generous sponsors- don’t forget to tag all your pictures w/ #sizedoesntmatter! We’ll get started next Monday, 9/1- I can’t wait to see all your lovely poses!

Today I fell in love with @funkyjiva. And y’all know how much I love @kathrynbudig. But the #jivamukti class taught by Giselle Mari that I took on @yogaglo today made me feel that I made an actual shift in my practice. All this time I’ve been focused on my physical development with a secondary interest in my spiritual devotion. Since I had a very religious upbringing, I’m very sensitive to spiritual devotion- I’m not going to get into all of my weirdness about religion & spirituality here, but I’ll just say that I have mixed feelings about a lot of different things. I’ve definitely recognized my practice as a spiritual journey, but today I was in a full state of PRAYER, y’all. It was so beautiful- the most beautiful prayer i’ve ever put out in the universe. And I was nearly overcome by love. My love for the world, my friends, my family- I could have wrapped the universe in my love and still had some to spare. And it had nothing to do with rules, books, or any other doctrine. I thank Giselle for this love- she ignited a fucking fire inside me.

Also, the beautiful energy of today’s practice gave me the confidence to focus on #compasspose, a pose I rarely practice. I still have a very long way to go in terms of technique, but I am unbelievably thankful for the journey. #aimtrue

Just messing around with #pinchamayurasana while Dallas fervently licks her butt. We’re both in our natural habitats, obviously. Happy early #forearmfriday, you guys.

Also, I wrote a blog entry about my essential #yoga accessories- click the link in my instagram header to check it out!

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JESSAMYN’S YOGA ESSENTIALS: The Unsung Heroes of My Home Yoga Practice

1. MAT - Lululemon’s The Mat. It’s double-sided- the first side is made of polyurethane and it absorbs moisture very nicely during non-hot yoga. However, the second side is built for hot yoga- the more you sweat, the easier it is to grip into the mat. Lululemon might be sizephobic as all hell, but they definitely know their way around a yoga mat.

2. HEADBAND - Kobieta’s Bamboo Jersey Yoga Head Wrap. Not only does it keep my very unruly hair under control, it absorbs sweat like none other and protects my hair when I’m practicing notorious “hair ripper” poses like inversions and backbends. It’s also really soft and looks totally normal if you forget to take it off before heading to a lunch date. Not that I’ve done that or anything.

3. STRAP - Hand crocheted by my mom. Early in my home practice, she said the sight of me using a dog leash as a strap was too much for her to bear. I keep trying to convince her to open a yoga accessories Etsy shop- not to brag, but my strap is kind of the best ever.

4. POLISH - No matter what color I paint my toes, I consider Sally Hansen’s Triple Strength a necessity for my pedicures. Inversions involve a substantial amount of toe dragging aka the key to having a jacked up pedicure. Weekly professional gel pedicures are not part of my post-academia budget, but Triple Strength is a nice budget friendly option to help make sure my pedicures are not immediately ruined as soon as I start inverting.

5. TABLET - Oh, where would I be without my little Samsung Galaxy Tab 2? It’s small (7” screen), but just large enough for me to view classes on Yogaglo or listen to music on Spotify no matter where I’m practicing. Actually, speaking of spotify, check out my yoga music playlists if you need something to inspire your own practice. Yes, I’m a little obsessed with Kendrick Lamar.

6. SPEAKER - I bought the Ivation Bullet Bluetooth Speaker for my bike (so I can blare Dolly Parton and Ginuwine while hauling ass through downtown Durham, duh), but I find myself using it more during my yoga practice. Sometimes, when I’m thinking too much about a pose, it’s nice to have music or a teacher’s voice overrule my thoughts and this speaker is extremely helpful in that capacity.

7. BLOCK - Because I’ve been using a VHS box set as my primary yoga block for the better part of a year, I was unbelievably grateful when my friend Suzanne (@suzamama) gave me her old Gaim Yoga Block for my birthday. I don’t know if she knows it, but it’s one of the best (and most thoroughly used) gifts I’ve ever received.


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Hi! First of all, you are so awesome. I had to get that out of the way. secondly, you've inspired me like the rest of your followers to begin practicing yoga and I want to thank you. finally, can you please explain the differences between all the different types of yoga styles? I'm starting to feel like it's like christian denominations: believe in the same thing but a different way of showing it. if you've already shared this, can you please point me to the right direction? thanks! @lovelianca


hey hey hey! When I first started practicing yoga, I was like “um, HOW ARE THERE SO MANY DIFFERENT KINDS/THIS IS JUST LIKE RELIGION/THE UNIVERSE IS CRAZY”. Basically, I feel you.

There are too many kinds of yoga for me to try and explain them all now, but I think this poster might give a little clarification. If it helps, I personally prefer Vinyasa flow blended with Ashtanga. It’s high endurance and more athletic, but without being uncomfortable.


(courtesy of Alison Hinks Yoga)

You guys are some of the best fucking people. I really mean it. I’m just over here, doing yoga in my living room and nerding out about it, and I receive some of the most generous and loving messages from complete strangers. If you’ve ever sent me a positive message, e-mail, tweet, post, or simply ‘liked’ one of my photos on instagram, I hope you know that I am almost overcome by the love I feel for each of you. I am so deeply inspired by the fact that so many of you have opened your life up to #yoga and it’s transformative benefits. I really don’t know what to say- Namaste? Yeah, that should cover it. NAMASTE, y’all.

"When she talks, I hear the revolution. In her hips, there’s revolutions. When she walks, the revolution’s coming. In her kiss, I taste the revolution. Rebel girl, rebel girl. Rebel girl, you are the queen of my world."

Happy #forearmfriday, y’all.

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